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Location search and Catering/banqueting

Location search and Catering/banqueting - Abracadabra Event Planner
Seeking the right setting for each event is undoubtedly the first step for a success. This is why we have chosen the most striking and original places, exclusive locations, that vary between rural houses,...

Flowers and Decorative choreography

Flowers and Decorative choreography - Abracadabra Event Planner
 Flowers are undoubtedly our first source of inspiration, but to really create a special atmosphere colours, fabrics, lights and perfumes which respect you likings can make each detail unique.

Scenic settings

Scenic settings - Abracadabra Event Planner
 We create individual projects and alternative solutions to personalize and harmonize any space.


Entertainment - Abracadabra Event Planner
  We can suggest live music, bands, Djs and entertainment for adults and children.  

Lights and speaker system rental

Lights and speaker system rental - Abracadabra Event Planner
   The best sound and light technicians will make you event vibrate with emotion.

Expert photographers

Expert photographers - Abracadabra Event Planner
   Videos and photo books arranged according to your personal liking.

Websites and Facebook

Websites and Facebook - Abracadabra Event Planner
 Planning, developing contents and maintenance of personalized websites for any requirement. Creation of groups and fanpages on Facebook and other Social-Networks.

Hostess/Steward services

Hostess/Steward services - Abracadabra Event Planner
Beauty, elegance and sobriety, as well as availability and politeness, ensure you can rely of a top-quality service.

Hotel Sourcing

Hotel Sourcing - Abracadabra Event Planner
   Hotel, Relais, country houses, apartments and luxury resorts: each his own.


Transfers - Abracadabra Event Planner
   Rental of luxury or period vehicles, private buses, coaches, horses etc.

Invitations, participations, tableau and placeholders

Invitations, participations, tableau and placeholders - Abracadabra Event Planner
 Inventing a logo and deciding how to personalize each detail will not be difficult thanks to our graphic consultant.

Cake Designer

Cake Designer - Abracadabra Event Planner
  Cakes, biscuits, cupcakes entirely home-made and carefully decorated by the best hands in sugar art, perfect for surprising guests in any type of event.

Make-up and hairdos...and not only!

Make-up and hairdos...and not only! - Abracadabra Event Planner
  Make up and hairdos, but also image consultancy, “relax day” before the bid day and “wedding surgery”, a free consultancy with renowned plastic surgeons.

The extra idea

The extra idea - Abracadabra Event Planner
   A laboratory of ideas to make each detail original and leave everyone startled.

Shopping Assistant

Shopping Assistant - Abracadabra Event Planner
   Are you not sure what to wear? We will come with you to choose…. we will suggest the best ateliers, where one can find the right dress for every occasion.

Direction and Coordination of the Event

Direction and Coordination of the Event - Abracadabra Event Planner
  For the entire duration of the event we will supervise and coordinate every aspect, trying to fulfil each request, taking care of your guests, freeing you of all anxiety and worries, so that you...

Getting to know Rome

Getting to know Rome - Abracadabra Event Planner
  Any formula you choose: guided tour in small groups, so you get to know the city with other people, but maintaining the quality and comfort of a personal tour; an individual tour to get to grips...


Map - Abracadabra Event Planner

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery - Abracadabra Event Planner


Contacts - Abracadabra Event Planner